S3V Vascular believes in providing equal opportunities for all candidates irrespective of caste, color, creed, gender, disabilities etc. 


Email at hr@s3vvascular.com to join hands in SAVING LIVES.

Preparing for an Interview

At S3V Vascular, we believe that a job interview is not just for you to impress us with your profile, but also an opportunity for you to learn more about our company, culture, values etc. Our employees work in a vibrant, challenging and dynamic environment where Diversity and Collaboration are greatly valued!

During your interview, we invite you to talk to us to ensure that our vision and values match with your career aspirations.

Based on feedback from several of our candidates, we’ve put together a few suggestions that may help you with preparing for an interview. Please consider the following suggestions while you prepare for an interview:

  • Go over our website and press releases in great detail; and get to know us as much as possible. It is important to know our company’s products, various markets we operate in, our values and our aspirations. We believe that the more you know about our company, the better you’ll know about how your skills and aspirations can benefit our company.
  • We would like to know why you are interested in joining our company - What makes you unique? What makes you innovative? Is it your leadership experience? Have you been creative at your previous work place? Tell us how you can positively impact our company and work culture.
  • At our company - Honesty is greatly valued. Be prepared to tell us about a time when you couldn’t succeed in accomplishing a task and how this experience helped you perform better at a later point.
  • We always like to be challenged - at work and during interviews! Come with hard and challenging questions for our interviewing panel. Such questions are also a good way for us to get an outside perspective about our business, work culture etc.  Additionally, such questions can also help you better understand our business, our performance metrics, our dynamic wok environment etc.
  • Several of our team members meet with Physicians and attend global conferences on a regular basis. Therefore, we value professionalism and good communication skills. Please attend the interview in formal attire.
  • Finally, enjoy your interview with us. In addition to your technical knowledge and experience, our team members would also like to test your personable skills to ensure that they can connect with you, on a personal level. We realize that team work is critical to our success and therefore would like to ensure that all our team members are one big family!

Additional Questions

If you still have questions about our application process, please write to us at hr@s3vvascular.com


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