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Rapamycin Eluting Coronary Stent Implantation System
with unique Inert Stent Platform

Elutes Rapamycin/Sirolimus from a biodegradable polymer with optimal loading dose. Inert technology is a process in which high Speed ions under vacuum are bombarded into the Stent matrix to prevent ion leaching. This leads to high safety and efficacy as evidenced by 0% stent thrombosis after 2 year follow up in clinical studies.

How it works

  • The polymer used is Poly-lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) which degrades 100% into carbon dioxide and water. The controlled polymer degradation and release of Rapamycin/Sirolimus is designed to terminate simultaneously and is completed within less than 6 months .
  • The Optimal Loading Dose of 2.0 micro grams is released specifically to counter various immune responses occurring post Stent implantation.
  • The complete degradation of polymer converts this novel DES into BMS in 6 weeks making the Stent to be more bio-compatible and helping in long term safety.3V Siris is a optimal healing stent which leads to superior safety and efficacy.3V Siris is a optimal healing stent which leads to superior safety and efficacy.



Product Design

  • Neutrlisation Technology - High speed ion impregnation under vacuum creates a 0.5 micron barrier layer and prevents heavy metal ion leaching.
  • Double Protection Technology - Superior Bio-Compatible platform with Drug Eluting Accumen
  • 100% Bio-degradable polymer.

This makes 3V Siris Inert, Superior and Safe.

Product Benefits

A Clinical study conducted for a period of 2 years on 250 patients has proven outstanding Clinical results.

Parameters3V SirisUS FDA Approved Everolimus Stent
Uncovered Stent Struts at 4 months 6.8% 17.5%
Stent Thrombosis 0% 0.6%
MI % 2.3% 5.7%




Technical Specifications

Stent Material Inert Stainless Steel
Strut Thickness (µm) 100
Drug Rapamycin/Sirolimus
Polymer PLGA
Loading dose 2 micro gm/sq mm
Drug Elution 90% in 6 weeks
Polymer Bio-Degradation 100 % in 6 Weeks
Crossing Profile (mm.) ≤1.29 mm
Stent Diameters (mm) 2.25 - 4.00
Stent Lengths (mm) 10- 38
Guide Catheter Compatibility (Fr) :
  • 2.25 - 4.00 mm

Nominal Pressure (bar) 9
Rated Burst Pressure (bar) :

  • For 4.00 mm Balloon Diameter




Ordering Information

Stent Length
in mm
Balloon Diameter (mm)
10 mm SR210 SR310 SR410 SR510 SR710 SR810
14 mm SR214 SR314 SR414 SR514 SR714 SR814
18 mm SR218 SR318 SR418 SR518 SR718 SR818
24 mm SR224 SR324 SR424 SR524 SR724 SR824
28 mm SR228 SR328 SR428 SR528 SR728 SR828
34 mm SR234 SR334 SR434 SR534 SR734 SR834
38 mm SR238 SR338 SR438 SR538 SR738 SR838



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