S3V Vascular Technologies is promoted by a TEAM of Technologists with a mission to ' INNOVATE CUTTING EDGE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY ". Innovating cutting edge technology and affordability are the key driving factors behind our mission. At S3V Vascular, our goal is to create a better world - saving every possible life.

We are working towards enhancing the lives of patients afflicted with cardiovascular diseases. By innovating on minimally-invasive medical technologies and collaborating with physicians around the world, we create products that - reduce the duration and risk of surgical procedures, advance the health of our patients, and more importantly help them regain their active healthy life.

The name S3V which is already synonymous in the medical device industry for quality and efficiency, strives hard to achieve perfection with its innovative manufacturing methods .We are currently in cardiovascular market with the vision to expand and provide quality and innovative products in various other segments.

Quality Policy

S3V Vascular Technologies Private Limited is committed to providing high quality Medical Devices, that would meet or exceed the expectations of our customers by;

  • Understanding the requirements and meeting the needs of our customers and patients.
  • Involving all employees in the delivery of quality products.
  • Maintaining a shared vision and focus on continuous improvement of the products and processes.
  • Meeting all current requirements of National and International regulations.


If your timely help gives someone the most precious gift : Life, then this deed of yours will outlast every other good act. And shall be a life saver – amruth for the recipient.