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Cobalt Chromium Stent System

Over the past several years, Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCIs) (also known as Coronary Angioplasty), have provided a safe and efficient treatment option for patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Less recovery time, minimally invasive procedures, short hospital stays etc. make stenting procedure a preferred treatment option for CAD.

With the 3V KROME Stent System (CE approved), S3V Vascular has taken a significant step towards enhancing this standard of care. 3V KROME is a fusion of accurate deliverability, enhanced durability and outstanding clinical results, leading to a safer and healthier tomorrow for our patients.

How it works

A stent is implanted in the blocked artery via a minimally invasive procedure called Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Usually, prior to stenting, cardiologists perform a pre-dilatation procedure, wherein the blocked artery is dilated using a balloon catheter (i.e. A catheter with an inflatable balloon attached at its tip).

Once the pre-dilatation procedure is completed, the stent is threaded over a balloon tipped catheter to the target location. The Stent is adequately sized in order to avoid future complications. Once the stent is appropriately positioned within the blocked artery, the balloon is inflated, which in turn expands the stent and locks it in place.

Product Design

Bare metal stents are small-hollow metal tubes, without any additional coatings such as drug, polymer etc. (as opposed to drug-eluting stents). Over the past decade, most bare-metal stents were made of stainless steel. However, more recently, Cobalt Chromium has proved to be the metal of choice for bare-metal stents, and has brought along considerable improvements, in terms of deliverability, radiopacity, stent profile, trackability etc. Globally more than two million cobalt-chromium stents have been implanted till now. It can be noted that Cobalt Chromium alloys have been extensively used in Dental and Orthopaedic Implants.

The 3V KROME bare-metal stent, made from advanced cobalt chromium alloy, provides uncompromised radial strength and radiopacity. 3V KROME’s unique design, comprising intermediate and open cells, offers outstanding flexibility and optimal vessel support.

Superior Hybrid Design

Product Benefits

Research has shown that density, elastic modulus and mechanical properties for Co-Cr alloys are higher than those of 316L Stainless Steel. Cobalt-Chromium alloys are also non- ferromagnetic and therefore show better compatibility to Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 3V KROME’s additional benefits include:

  • Ultra-thin strut thickness (73µm) leading to enhanced deliverability and conformability
  • Flexible tapered tip and low lesion entry profile (0.016”), allows for easy access to torturous lesions
  • Excellent shaft column strength, resulting in enhanced push force and efficiency
  • Available in numerous stent sizes (2.25 - 4.00mm diameter & 8 - 40mm lengths), allowing for a broader range of cases
  • Enhanced trackability owing to the hydrophilic coated shaft as well as extra low profile that makes accessing difficult lesions easier
  • Uniform luminal enlargement, resulting in accurate inflation/deflation and optimal long-term results.

The results have been outstanding - 3V KROME has truly enhanced the standard of care for Coronary Artery Disease and is becoming the choice of stent for an increasing number of physicians every day.

Designed for better side branch access

Technical Specifications

Stent Material Cobalt Chromium
Strut Thickness (µm) 73
Crossing Profile (mm.):
  • 2.25mm diameter
  • 2.50 mm diameter
  • 3.00 mm diameter
  • 3.50 mm diameter
  • 4.00 mm diameter
0.87+- 0.05
0.90 +- 0.05
1.02 + - 0.06
1.10 + - 0.08
Stent Diameters (mm) 2.25 - 4.00
Stent Lengths (mm) 8 - 40
Average Foreshortening (%) < 10%
Average Recoil < 7%
Guide Catheter Compatibility (Fr):
  • 2.25 - 4.00 mm
  • 4.5 mm
Nominal Pressure (bar) 8
Rated Burst Pressure (bar):
  • 4.0mm (diameter) with lengths > 20mm
  • 4.0mm (diameter) with lengths ≤ 20mm
  • Balloons below 4mm (diameter)



Ordering Information

Length in mmDiameter in mm
8 mm K108 K208 K308 K408 K508 K608
12 mm K112 K212 K312 K412 K512 K612
16 mm K116 K216 K316 K416 K516 K616
18 mm K118 K218 K318 K418 K518 K618
20 mm K120 K220 K320 K420 K520 K620
24 mm K124 K224 K324 K424 K524 K624
28 mm K128 K228 K328 K428 K528 K628
32 mm K132 K232 K332 K432 K532 K632
36 mm K136 K236 K336 K436 K536 K636
40 mm K140 K240 K340 K440 K540 K640



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